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Why a blog

I like to read, I like to write, I like to teach, to encourage, to help people see God. I spend most of my non working hours alone, just me and God and I frequently find myself monologuing (I know it’s not a real word) to God about something, anything and usually about halfway through I’m complimenting God on the words He has given me. And that’s as far as it goes.

The last week of October this year I spent in Belize teaching knitting and about a week before I left I was talking with God about why it seems I have these great conversations/monologues but I never get to or am able to tell people about these great revelations and explanations God gives me for things. (Remember I spend most of my time alone, so at this point I’m the only one who hears and critiques them.)

While on my trip I begin looking critically at my facebook habits and I am unhappy. Yes, I post encouraging things, I post beautiful pictures with scriptures and motivational sayings but I also have been posting a scripture of the day with a prayer and sometimes I post something that really catches my heart. They get lost. In among all the feelgood fluff, who digs for the nuggets?

I want a place of significance. A place of silence.

How many times have we forgotten to turn everything off and really listen to: what we are saying, what the person we are with is saying, what the world is saying, what God is saying to us through them?

You are each of you incredibly unique individuals, as am I. God has created you with a purpose and a plan designed especially for you. You are invaluable. Your participation in God’s plan for your life would bring such glamour and greatness into your life. Your relationships would be healthier, happier, more meaningful….

But. For you to receive all these perks, these bonuses, You have to choose His plan for your life. If we never choose to participate in His plans, His plans will continue without us.

All you have to do to participate is…..

If you’ve chosen to do this, tell someone. Find someone you’ve watched, someone who really seems be living it for real and ask them if they know Jesus as their Savior? Begin to be a part of the family you’ve just joined.

P.s. I recommend reading the bible to get to know Your new family. The book of John, then Acts is a great place to start.



I love to pray. I love to teach. I love to read. I love to talk about God.

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