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God’s Purpose for You

Have you ever wondered what is God’s purpose for you?

I have. A lot.

“God has a purpose for me? Why would God have a purpose or even a plan for me? I’m not special. I’m nothing.”

We all feel this way. How do I know this? Because I talk to people and this is what everyone thinks. “How can I, How can I be special enough to God for Him to create a purpose or a plan? Just for me?”

We live in a world that while stating that it promotes self esteem and confidence in oneself, all the while promotes an anorexic body type, an immoral lifestyle that shows lack of confidence through drugs, adrenaline highs, seeking validation of self through sexual partners (i.e. I’m special because of who I’m with….), it teaches you that you are nobody special if “I” (the world) doesn’t validate you.

The world doesn’t want us to see ourselves through God’s eyes because then it loses control.

In God’s eyes we are special. We are His creation. We are a creation He has not finished yet. In Genesis when God was done creating something he said “It is good”. I have not read anywhere in the Bible where God has said “It is good” over us. That means He’s still working on us, on me. It means He knows I’m not perfect. It means He hasn’t given up on me becoming more and better than I am now. How do I know this?

God has given me dreams. I’m not talking about the rapid eye movement dreams that happen while sleeping (though God can and does use those.) I’m talking about the desire to make an impact for Him. I’m talking about being a world changer. I have 2 friends, who don’t know each other and live in different places that God has given similar dreams. One is to be a youth pastor, one is to set up a youth center that focus’s on Christ in your daily life.

There are people who will laugh at them and mockingly ask them, “How does this make you special? How does this make you a world changer?” They are world changers because they will be impacting someone who will then impact the world.

Being a world changer doesn’t just mean being a Billy Graham, a George Washington Carver, a Ghandi, a Mother Theresa or even a Hitler.

Each one of these people changed the world because someone changed their world.

God’s number one purpose for your life is to serve Him. While you are serving Him He will give you dreams and desires that honor and please Him. These dreams and desires will not only change the world around you, they will change you. When We stand before God at the end of our life I want us to hear, “Well done, good and faithful servant.” This is the stamp of approval that I am waiting for.



I love to pray. I love to teach. I love to read. I love to talk about God.

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