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Post-it Notes

We have all seen “accidents” that led to God’s plan unfolding in our lives in miraculous and near impossible ways. The story of the post-it note is the same. A series of “accidents” creating something that grabbed people and got their attention but seemed unmarketable, a losing proposition, far more costly to attempt than any projected return. ( )

I recently attended a home group/church that means a lot to me. The closeness and family atmosphere has been making coming out of my shell so much easier. The family atmosphere, the fact that everyone knows that nobody there is perfect is allowing me to open up and share. After sharing a hard truth about how I am broken and how it has affected my life, my ‘God’s family’ prayed for me and 2 people told me God had given them an image of post it notes. (This meant nothing to me.) After a couple of weeks I finally asked one of the ladies what “post-it notes” was about. She said I saw you covered in post-it notes and God was taking them off.

The farther I get from this conversation the more God blows it up in my life.

Imagine: every sin you have ever committed, every name you have ever been called, every name you’ve ever called yourself on post-it notes. Now layer those post-it notes on a person as they grow up. Every post-it note created from or creating another post-it note. How many times a day do you call yourself idiot or another word because of something you’ve done or didn’t do? How many times have you chewed yourself out for failing to complete something in the time limit required (by yourself or others)?

Now, how many times have you ever committed a sin that seemed to spawn other sins to protect the first one?How many times have you tried to believe you are worth something but because of the sins in your past, you simply can’t see how to be different?

From inside my own eyes, I don’t see how anybody can love me. I don’t see why people call me nice, or competent, or faithful. From inside my own eyes, I see the things I have done that would push people away so they wouldn’t love me, I see the mean Esther that would feel pleasure to tell you “lump it or leave”, that was so consumed by anger that I didn’t even understand the word peace. I see my failures, my lack of discipline.

I see words engraved on me that can never be removed. They can’t be hidden because I’ve tried that, too. These words are tattooed deep into my skin. It seems the ink used, has sunk down to my heart and will never be erased. But, God…..

God sees me covered in post-it notes. He sees the me under the post-it notes and He is working to show me what He sees me to be.

God will and does, take us on a journey that will bring old scars, wounds, self-inflicted and otherwise to the surface. God wants us to face who we are. Not all at once. He measures out the realizations in small doses. They always seem too big, too hard, too deep to let anyone, even God, take care of it.

He wants us to see that He is the one that created us and these post-it notes are _not_ permanent. God wants us to see that when we let him show us the root of a problem, God can take away not only today’s problem but also the habits, the desires (temptations), the patterns of thought that keep creating these problems. Then it’s not just one post-it gone but a whole section.

There will come a day when I become post-it free. On that day I expect to see God face-to-face. And then I will know. I will know what God sees when He looks at me. I will know the beauty that he created me be. I will know who he designed me to be and how I bless His heart when He looks at me.

Don’t let Satan tell you, “You are too far gone”.  Don’t let him lie to you and say, ” You are worthless”. Look at Jesus. Look at Jesus and ask him to wash you clean of all these post-it notes, of all these sins. Ask Jesus to begin changing you into the person He created you to be. Ask him to let you see with His eyes. Let Him begin showing you just what He sees in people.

Then let Him show you that You are not a series of accidents. That no matter what the world or even your own family has told you, You, are worth far more than the effort and time God has invested in you. You are loved far more than the amount you have let yourself feel. God has always known your true value, now, He wants to show it to you.



I love to pray. I love to teach. I love to read. I love to talk about God.

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