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Love and Relationships

The picture above is excellent advice for those of us who are still single, but let’s consider this in terms of our current relationship with and upcoming marriage to Christ.

Many will never find God’s will for their life because they’re in the wrong relationship. Is our relationship with Jesus our primary relationship? Do we value another relationship higher than we value our relationship with Jesus Christ? Do we spend more time in another relationship? Whatever we value most will impact our behavior in every aspect of our lives.

While I was teaching in Belize this year I heard a sermon about idols. About identifying the idols in our life. Some of the questions asked were; What do you sacrifice your time and money for? What are you most worried about or most scared of losing? What makes you lose control?

As I sat in the small group listening to my own and others answers, I noticed a pattern. Family, children (I was in a group of moms) came up the most. Relationships. As human beings were we created for a specific relationship, us and God.

First there was God. Then Adam was created because God desired relationship. Then because we were created in God’s image, God said it was not good for man to be alone and he created Eve. Now Adam had two relationships. Now Adam had a choice. Whose relationship is most important to me? Whose opinion is most valuable to me? Who do I want to please the most, right this second?

When God lost in that decision, the human race faced a whole new world. A world of conflicting relationships, a world of choices. These choices confront us every day. Every day we have to choose what/who is more important to us.

Love leads to Jesus, not sin. It is hard to know what real love is, I don’t think that anyone really understands everything that is involved in real love. Real love seems to be full of decisions about what is best for the other person and for ourselves, about how the decisions I make affect the other person and our future relationship. When we are faced with decisions that are about immediate pleasure versus future rewards, the decision we make shows what we value the highest. Our personal pleasure for today or a relationship that lasts for a lifetime and beyond.

Don’t date just to do it, if marriage isn’t the goal then that relationship is pointless. Are we playing around with God while keeping our eye open for something that might seem like a better fit? Is Jesus the reliable, steady, secure, boring relationship that you fall back to when your current relationship falls through?

Jesus loves us. There is no question about that. Jesus wants to spend the rest of our lives in a vital and alive relationship with us. So much so that even in Revelation 3:16 Jesus says, ” So then because thou art lukewarm, and neither cold nor hot, I will spue thee out of my mouth.” God wants a committed, permanent relationship with us, not an on again, off again relationship. Like every relationship, there will come a point where a decision has to be made. Will we or won’t we. What relationship is more important to us?

God’s timing may take a little longer than we want, but His will is better than our plans. This is almost self-explanatory. For us it simply means, when we make our relationship with God more important than anything else, the decisions we make may hurt now but the future rewards are more than worth everything we will endure.

Once we acknowledge that Jesus is our first choice, in life, in love, in business, and back it up by making choices that put Jesus first, then our life will begin to fall into place. Into His plan for our lives.



I love to pray. I love to teach. I love to read. I love to talk about God.

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