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Father God, how I love you. There are so many times and so many ways that I fail you and yet you still love me. You still treat me with care. You haven’t thrown me away. I thank you, Father, because you still love me.

Jesus, you gave your life for me. You didn’t just die in my place, you picked up all my sins and made them a part of yourself. You knew them inside and out, every guilty pleasure and every secret (and not so secret) shame. You saw the cancer that is sin and destroyed it’s power. You cancelled out my sentence to hell by dying and going to hell in my place. Because of you, I get to go to heaven. I get to live a life free of shame.

Holy Spirit, I know you want all the attention to rest on Jesus because of all He has done and all that He is still doing for us. Yet, I want to thank you. Without you I would not have gotten to know Jesus as well as I do. I know that there is so much about Jesus that I still don’t know and don’t understand but you’re teaching me. Thank you for teaching me, for never thinking I was/am too far gone. Thank you for loving me.

Jesus, I don’t know what I would have done without you. I would have died when I was 8 in that auto accident. I would have died at 16 from suicide. I would have died in my 20’s because of my sexual addictions. You have preserved my life so many times. You have broken the chains of depression. You have removed the addictions. You have taught me to love myself, to quit hating on myself. I remember asking to see with your eyes and now I see good things in the people around me. I asked to hear with your ears and I hear the way people talk to each other and now I can hear the good stuff that’s said not just the bad.

I ask for the mind of Christ because I want to think your thoughts. I don’t want to get caught up in the outside stuff, I want to see people becoming the beautiful and handsome people/children you created them to be.

Father, we have become so hard on ourselves. We call ourselves names, we beat ourselves up, we make fun of and say hurtful things about ourselves. Teach us to see ourselves as valuable to you. Lately I’ve been hearing “The cost/ the value of an item is determined by how much someone is willing to pay.” Father, you and Jesus and the Holy Ghost flabbergast me.

Jesus, you knew from creation exactly how much sin there would be in the world, You knew exactly how many times you would be hit, exactly how much damage the cat of nine tails would leave. You knew the grief that would be in your mother’s and best friend’s hearts. And You still loved us. And you still want to spend eternity with us.

Thank you, Jesus. Thank you, Father. Thank you Holy Spirit.

I love you.



I love to pray. I love to teach. I love to read. I love to talk about God.

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