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A Letter To You

To You,

To my most handsome, my most beautiful (inside and out) awesome, sons and daughters.

You have been a delight to me. I love how you smile. How you shine when you’re enthused by something. I love how you focus and bear down when it’s time to get serious. I love you. (GOD)

I am asking God what to tell you, what to talk about because I want to uplift and encourage you.

We want you to know that the mistakes you have made do not render you valueless. We want you to know and believe that you are priceless. In God’s eyes, you are worth as much to him as Jesus is, and to Jesus you were worth trading His place in Heaven to take your place in Hell. Yes, because of who He is he did not stay there, but, HE loved you enough to go through/feel/experience every sin. To die. To be judged in your place and take your place in Hell.

Because of that, you now have the right to go into the presence of God as a rightful son/daughter. To have your requests be made known. To request and command miracles, healings. To spread hope and joy wherever you go. To proclaim peace over every place you lay your head.

We can never forget what Jesus saved us from because we fail Him. BUT, we must _not_ allow sin/satan/self to reduce our value, our worth, because when we allow that to happen we tell God his Sacrifice, His Son, was spent foolishly to buy something that is/was worthless.

You are not valueless. Take Faith, cling on to it. Do not let go. Acknowledge that God is……everything He said He is. He is right. We must admit (to the deepest part of out heart) that if HE says I am worth it, who am I to call God a liar.

And,Oh, how well I know how hard it is to accept that. Completely accepting this will shatter your world. You/We will have to completely rethink our world, rethink the impact we make on it.

We ARE world changers.    Because we are the carriers of the real power and presence of God.

Not because of anything we have done but because of what God, what Jesus has done for us.

Be willing to be broken, to fail, to grow, to change, to look beyond yourself and see what God wants you to see.